A trader asked me for an update on silver so let’s take a look!

Since March 31st the Silver is gaining percentage points every week until May 18th where it hit its relative high of 28.73 and slowed the race. Gold has retraced on its last vector up to an abundant 50% and then returned to rise, but the Silver did not retrace this, so I expect a price correction between 26.83 and 26.25, from there we could go back to being buyers because everything is in cyclical line on a 3 Months and annual basis.

On June 16 the 3 Months cycle ends (and we could expect the retracement), after this date the second half of the three-months cycle starts again, and with the annual cycle in favor we could aim for 29.85 (but it remains an indicative price).

As a final consideration, my MML indicator (Moncini Magnet Line) is welded to the 50% Fibonacci line, and this leads me to think that the price will be attracted right there, and then rise again. Greetings to my colleague @mariusneuhaus